Introducing XdHacks Mini!

November 2019 Hackathon at University of British Columbia
  1. “Design Thinking” by Felix Lai, Senior UX Designer at Blackbird Interactive Inc.
  2. “Being an Entrepreneur” by Mike Rayner, Studio Technical Director for Gears of War Franchise at Coalition
  1. “Problem-Solving with Design” by Jessica West from Amazon
  2. “Intellectual Property 101” by an official from the Government of Canada
  1. “Financial Technology” by FLEO
  2. “The Secret Recipe to Managing a Winning Team” by Angela Bee Chan and Dave Bell from Hackathons International
2020–2021 Upcoming Rounds!



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XdHacks Mini

XdHacks Mini

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From Vancouver’s Premier Hackathon to Global Hackathon organization. Empowering highschool students with STEM opportunities through hosting hackathons. 🌍